Services & General Info

Our Services

Our services include:

  • paediatric care, including management of behaviour and learning problems in children,
  • womens health including breast check, cervical screening, menopausal symptoms, bladder problems, antenatal care and post-natal checks
  • natural family planning
  • mens health
  • mental health
  • minor surgery
  • immunisations
  • travel immunisations – yellow fever vaccination accredited
  • cardiac and lung function review
  • diabetes cycle of care
  • chronic disease management
  • health assessments including healthy heart checks

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:     8:30am – 6:00pm      

Saturday                     9:00am – 6:00pm

After Hours

If you require medical care outside of the above hours, please call our after hours service on 

8724 6300          Sydney Medical Service HOME GP

Appointments – Same day available

Consultations are by appointment, however the doctor will see urgent cases first. A standard consultation in this practice is 15 minutes, to discuss one issue. Longer appointments are available for more than one issue. Please let the receptionist know what length appointment you require.

Reminder System – HotDocs

Our practice is committed to preventive care. You have the option of registering through our reminder system – HotDocs. To receive reminder notices on patient registration form regarding health care services appropriate to your care.


We always welcome comments and suggestions regarding the care you receive at this practice. Please feel free to discuss issues with your doctor or the practice manager. You may prefer to write or email us. Alternatively you may prefer to contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on (02) 9219 7444.

Personal Health Information

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain the security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

Smoking Policy

This practice has a no smoking policy.


Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. (NO CASH)

Children 16 years and under will be bulk billed for a 15min appointment. (EXCEPT WEEKENDS)

Longer appointments will be privately billed.

All appointments on Saturday are privately billed, there is no bulk billing on weekends

Please note that a private fee (no-rebate from Medicare) is applicable for Medical Records transfers and Medical Reports. The amount is dependent on time spent by your doctor and/or nurse  plus  practice resources used. These fees are scaled according to your individual requirements and applied just to cover basic costs to the practice.


You are entitled to request access to your medical records although we discourage sending reports via email due to the lack of privacy and confidentiality. If you wish to proceed you need to make your request by phone and admin/nursing staff will then verify who you are using three identifiers. Every effort is made to ensure we are communicating with the authorised person and we document our conversation within your medical records.

Otherwise we can hold your medical report, script or referrals at the front desk for pick up at a convenient time to yourself.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciate your support of our current Privacy & Confidentiality Policy.

Consult Type Duration Cost to You Fee Medicare
Brief <6 min $25.00 $42.50 $17.50
Standard 15 min $45.00 $83.20 $28.20
After Hrs Short $49.00 $98.80 $49.80
Long 30 min $76.00 $149.95 $73.95
After Hrs Long $89.00 $174.30 $85.30
Extended 45 min $80.00 $188.85 $108.85

Other chargeable items can be discussed with your doctor.

Because of the increasing costs of providing our services, our fees are adjusted yearly. Unfortunately, the Medicare rebates have been “frozen” by the Federal Government, so the gap between our fee and the amount you are reimbursed by Medicare is greater.  We understand this is a difficult situation for many of our patients, and encourage you to lobby your local federal member, and the Health Minister about this. Veterans Affairs Patients will be bulk billed.

Additional Fees

We understand that at times it may be difficult to attend scheduled appointments. Because appointments are in high demand, we would appreciate your early cancellation if you are unable to attend. 
Failure to attend an appointment will result in a warning letter. 
If a second appointment is missed a fee of $40 (plus GST) applies, thereafter it will be the full cost of the booked consultation.

Where clinically appropriate that your doctor can prepare a script or referral without requiring you to attend for a consultation, please pay online via HotDocs & STRIPE feature, click the link below.
Prescription Fee            $41.44          click here to order online
Referral Fee                    $51.72          click here to order online

Privately Billed Video Consult $82.57   via normal HotDocs Bookings

A fee of $20 (plus GST) applies to re-printing lost scripts or referrals. (pay by phone)

For non attendance of clinical procedure bookings (e.g excisions) all doctors charge $70 if cancelled without giving at minimum of 1 business day notification. The reason for this is because our doctors spend extra time arriving early, preparing equipment and local anaesthetic prior to the appointment to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Requesting Your Medical Records.

You are entitled to request access to your medical records.

There is a fee of $50 for the administrative costs and this will be provided on a CD ROM available for you to pick up and pay for at the same time. (Add an extra $50 for packaging and tracked postage  if you are unable to pick up)

Your new medical practice can request your full medical records via a faxed authorisation form, please follow up with a telephone call and payment.

If you do not wish to pay the $50.00 you can receive an abridged version via My Health Record as a Shared Health Summary.   Your SHS is a FREE SERVICE

Online Consultations or Telephone consultations

On occasion it may be necessary for your to have an online or telephone consultation with your doctor.

There is a fee of $80 which can be paid by credit card.

This is out-of-pocket as there is NO Medicare item number for this service therefore you will be unable to claim from Medicare.

Immunisation – Getting the Facts

Immunisation saves lives…

Watch video here – The Chain of Protection – understanding Immunisations

All childhood diseases we vaccinate against can cause serious illness, including death. Immunisation is a safe and effective way of giving protection against these disease. In Australia, with the high rate of vaccination, illness and death from these diseases are now rare. Let’s keep it that way.

You can access your child’s immunisation statement at any time by visiting Medicare Online services at the Australian Immunisation Register website. 

Here is the link:

Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Important information re ordering Scripts.

Requests for scripts and referrals outside of a consultation ( i.e. over phone) routinely incur a fee. Whilst at times Drs may vary this arrangement individually with a patient, administration staff will need to collect this fee prior to the script or referral being issued.

If the script needs to be faxed or posted and patient is not attending then this is most easily done for the patient via HotDocs and the billng online is via Stripe.

More information about my Script.

The National Prescribing Service (NPS) MedicineWise website provides an online version of leaflets produced by pharmaceutical companies which is available to the general public at

Medicare Safety Net – 2018 New schedule is listed here.

Please go to the website for the latest details

Medicare Online Claiming & EasyClaim 

This practice has the capability of processing your Medicare rebate either through our practice Software online or through our EFTPOS terminal.

In order to do this successfully you will need to either

  • have lodged your banking details with Medicare, 
  • lodged them with this practice or 
  • have in your possession a debit card linked to your bank account

Travel Medicine:

Lejeune is a Accredited Yellow Fever Clinic.  

The Australian Government is adopting World Health Organisation advice that the period of protection afforded by yellow fever vaccination will change from 10 years to the duration of the life of the person vaccinated. These changes will take effect on 16 June 2016. 

Visit the Department of Health website to view the yellow fever vaccination update.

The cost is $132 + consultation fee with your doctor.

Translated Health Information:

The following websites provide translated material for use by health practitioners and organisations who work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. It includes a wealth of information about health, including some audio and video files and links. Search by topic or language.

Health Translations Victoria
Find translated health information in a variety of ways. Search by topics or languages.

Multicultural Health Communication NSW Health
Multilingual publications about health, including some audio and video files and links. Search by topic or language.

Health Navigator New Zealand
Some fact sheets about specific topics with pictorial focus (Eg: Iron, calcium, Vitamin D, diabetes)

NPS Medicine Wise
Translated health information about medicines.


The following links are a list of translated online health resources. Although care has been taken to select resources from reliable government departments, peak health bodies, hospitals, community health centres and welfare agencies, Lejeune Family Medical Practice takes no responsibility for translation quality.

Arthritis – Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria has information sheets about Arthritis & Other Musculoskeletal Conditions, medicines, exercise and dealing with pain in Arabic, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese

Autism – Positive Partnerships have developed a range of resources that have been translated into 6 languages to assist with conversations and shared planning to support a child with diverse learning needs and their family. Arabic, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

Breastfeeding information – in different languages
Calcium – An easy to read Calcium factsheet translated to AmharicArabicBurmeseDariKarenPersian/FarsiSomaliTamil by Auckland District Health Board


Child Health (including feeding at various ages) – in limited translated languages

Dental Health Services – Victoria have produced oral health advice and guides in ArabicChineseDariEnglishGreekItalianMacedonianPersianSomaliSpanishTurkish and Vietnamese

Diabetes  – Diabetes Australia have resources in English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Greek, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

Disability and Disability Insurance Scheme 

Domestic Violence – Immigrant Women’s Support Service (Qld) have information in BosnianChinese, DariEnglishFarsiFrench, Hindi, Japanese, Juba ArabicRussian, TagalogThai, Turkish and Vietnamese

Drugs and their effects – Australian Drug Foundation have produced brochures about depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens in Albanian, Amaharic, Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Somali, Tigrinya, Vietnamese

Health Assessment 
Hepatitis B – HepBHelp have fact sheets about Hepatitis B Fact Sheets including for newly diagnosed in  English,  ChineseVietnameseKoreanArabicKhmerDariThaiBurmeseIndonesianTurkishItalianGreek

Hepatitis Queensland – Brochures translated into Arabic, Bosnian, Burmese, Chinese, Croatian, Dari, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Macedonian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese

Immunisation – Department of Health, Victoria have developed fact sheets about various immunisations, including vaccine side effects. Translated into multiple languages

Influenza – Immunisation Australia have developed an Influenza Fact Sheet for Consumers in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Filipino, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Sinhalese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. ‘Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella Information for parents’ available in multiple languages.

Incontinence information – Continence Foundation of Australia provide factsheets and video in multiple languages on pelvic floor exercises for men and women, bladder leakage, childhood bedwetting, constipation and bowel control, prostate and bladder problems, and more to help you learn about healthy bladder and bowel habits.

Iron Deficiency – Easy to read factsheet developed by the Refugee Health Collaborative at Auckland District Health Board in EnglishAmharicArabicBurmeseDariSomaliTamilKaren and Persian Farsi

Parenting – Includes: safe bathing, nappy changing, wrapping a newborn, bottle and formula preparation and small amount of information about cerebral palsy, down syndrome, hearing impairment, vision impairment and Fragile X Syndrome

Mental Health

Multicultural Mental Health Australia have translated information about mental health conditions into multiple languages.

Transcultural Mental Health Centre (NSW) have brochures about A good night’s sleepProblem solving and setting goalsPromoting wellbeingStress and stress management available in various languages

SANE Australia have translated 10 factsheets into Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.


Queensland Health Community Nutrition Unit have provided translated pictorial resources about providing health drinks for your children, preparing health lunches for your children and a resource on having safe kitchens and safe food in Australia. In English, Amharic, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, French, Karen, Somali, Kurdish – Kurmanii, Kurdish – Sorani, Swahili, Tigrinya. It is also available in MP3 Audio version for Dinka and Kirundi.

The Department of Health have ‘Get Up and Grow’ resources to provide families with practical information and advice to support healthy eating and physical activity in young children. Translated into Traditional ChineseVietnameseFilipinoKoreanIndonesianMalaysianArabicTurkish and Spanish

Pap Screen Victoria publishes resources in a variety of languages about Pap tests HPV and cervical cancer.

Renal Resource Centre – Kidney Failure Treatment options brochures in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese

Quit Smoking – Quit line – Resources in multiple languages

Safe sleeping – SIDS and Kids – Safe Sleeping tip sheets in multiple languages

Vitamin D Deficiency – Easy to read fact sheet in EnglishAmharicArabicBurmeseDariSomaliTamilPersian FarsiKaren and Nepali developed by Refugee Health Network by Auckland District Health Board

Other Translated information available

The Australian Government Department of Social Services has developed a family safety pack with information on Australia’s laws regarding domestic and family violence, sexual assault and forced marriage.

Information for tenants is available in many languages from the Residential Tenancies Authority


Original resource from:

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